Snake Bites: an easier jalapeno popper

Snake BitesI made these little guys the other night for a little get together we had at our house. It was a cowboy themed get together so I figured jalapeños and bacon would be fitting. They ended up being dubbed: Snake bites for whatever reason throughout the course of the evening. I like it, I think it fits. You can make these as spicy or mild as you want depending on how careful you are about removing seeds. I opted to not be so careful so some ended up with a couple seeds or so in them, some had none. The result: some you ate and went, "Huh, that's not to spicy and it's REALLY good, I'm gonna have another one." then you proceed to eat another one and end up with your mouth on fire. It was a fun little russian roulette. With a cowboy twist. But the flavor these had were amazing. The combination of the cream cheese and the bacon, Mmm, to die for. Yum. They were SO easy to make too. Especially in comparison to a classic jalapeño popper where you have hollow out the pepper and stuff it and bread it and bla bla bla. Easy. And so yummy. You can make whatever quantity suits your needs. You just want one to satisfy a little craving? Just make one or two. Serving a crowd? make 100. I'll give you the basics and let you make the call. Ingredients 15 jalapeño peppers 1 package softened cream cheese 5 slices bacon Preparation Instructions 1. Slice the top off each pepper, slice in half, then remove the ribs and seeds. 2. Smeer a good amount of cream cheese inside each pepper half. 3. Take the bacon and cut the strips into 3 pieces (cut the short way, not the long way). 4. Wrap a bacon piece around each pepper and secure it with a toothpick. 5. Place a wire rack in a rimmed baking sheet and place the poppers on the wrack. 6. Bake at 375˚ for about 25-30 minutes or until the bacon is sorta crispy. 7. Remove from oven and serve hot.   Thanks for the recipe


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